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PUGET TECHNOLOGIES aspires to evolve into an innovation-focused holding company operating through a group of subsidiaries and business units that work together to empower ground-breaking companies to reach their next stage of growth. With a strategy that combines acquisitions, strategic investment strategies, and operational support, Puget intends to provide a one-stop shop for growing companies who need access to both capital and growth resources, while enabling Puget and its stockholders to generate synergies and derive profit through pooled resources and shared goals.

Puget’s current leadership has significant experience in investment banking, accounting, and regulatory compliance, and is seeking additional team members with experience in mutual funds, the insurance industry, innovative technologies (e.g., alternative energy), the medical industry, and intellectual property, as well as operational veterans who can bring deep expertise to companies that seek to change the game in their respective industries. Puget’s current investment focus ranges from traditional industries like health care that are ripe for business model innovation to new markets that strive to solve big societal problems such as climate change. Publicly traded on the Pink Open Market under the ticker symbol “PUGE”, Puget is committed to delivering a competitive return to investors.

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