In support of our focus on transparency and active communication with all our stakeholders, we have created a list of our pending and proposed transactions and the most current information and anticipated timing on each. This information will be updated regularly as needed.


June 2021

Definitive acquisition agreement between Puget and Behavioral Centers of South Florida LLC (“BCSF”) exchanged and expected to be signed. In March, Puget entered into a letter of intent to acquire BCSF and has submitted a definitive acquisition agreement to BCSF’s equityholders for their review. The parties expect to enter into the agreement during the next several weeks and then proceed to the due diligence phase in anticipation of closing.

June 2021

Lease for expanded facilities in Boca Raton expected to be signed. In anticipation of expanding BCSF’s operations into Palm Beach County concurrently with related Puget-owned operations that will be consolidated with BCSF after the closing, Puget expects to enter into a lease for expanded facilities in Boca Raton capable of providing space required for both Puget’s corporate purposes and the proposed Palm Beach behavioral health center. Puget expects to do this prior to the annual meeting of shareholders.

June 2021

Puget Board of Directors to consider proposal from three Board of Advisors members pertaining to potential acquisition of photovoltaic nanotechnology for use in improving the performance of solar energy collection devices, including solar panels.


July 2021

The corporate structure needed to support research and development of technology initiatives in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico will be established.