In support of our focus on transparency and active communication with all our stakeholders, we have created a list of our pending and proposed transactions and the most current information and anticipated timing on each. This information will be updated regularly as needed.


Proposed Acquisitions
GMC of Florida
Puget has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Glades Medical Centers of Florida LLC ("GMC of Florida"). Its services focus on preventive primary care as well as diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and minor injuries. See press release for details. 
Florida Healthcare System
Puget has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Florida Behavioral Center, Inc. (dba “Florida Healthcare System”). See press release for details. 
D & D Rehab Centers, Inc.
Puget has entered into a letter of intent to acquire D & D Rehab Centers, Inc. See press release for details. 
Pending BCSF Acquisition

As previously announced, earlier this year Puget entered into a letter of intent to acquire Behavioral Centers of South Florida LLC (“BCSF”). Negotiations regarding the definitive acquisition agreement are ongoing.

Estimated timeline: Signed agreement by end of July. Due diligence to be completed in August and September. Acquisition to be closed by end of September.

As of July 30, 2021:  We will provide an update on the status of this acquisition next week. 

As of August 2, 2021:  See today's press release for a detailed update. 


As of August 5, 2021:  We're almost there! The acquisition agreement with BCSF is currently in final legal review and is expected to be signed next week. Additional information will be made available soon thereafter through a press release and an 8K.

As of August 13, 2021:  Latest update - legal review is finished and the agreement is out for signature. 

As of August 20, 2021:  The definitive acquisition agreement between Behavioral Centers of South Florida LLC ("BCSF”) and Puget Technologies, Inc. (“PUGE") will be executed at 11:30 AM on Monday, August 23, 2021 in Miami, Florida at the offices of Kravitz, Talamo & Leyton, PLLC. 

As of August 23, 2021:  The agreement has been executed!
As of August 26, 2021: The 8-K for this acquisition will be filed tomorrow, Friday, August 27.
Expanded Facilities

Site selection for a new headquarters location in Boca Raton is currently ongoing. Management is reviewing a short list of potential locations to support anticipated growth.

Updated estimated timing for lease commencement: by end of September 2021, concurrent with the closing of the BCSF acquisition.

Technology Acquisitions

The Puget Board of Directors has requested due diligence reviews from subject matter experts to evaluate the proposals received from three Board of Advisor members pertaining to potential acquisition of photovoltaic nanotechnology for use in improving the performance of solar energy collection devices, including solar panels.

Estimated timeline: Q4 2021.

Puerto Rico

Efforts to launch business in Puerto Rico are continuing as planned.

New update expected: By end of Q3, 2021.

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