Letter to Our Shareholders

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

January 18, 2021

To Our Shareholders,

This will be the first of several communications that we intend to have with our shareholders and the general public. These interactions may come in different formats, from a simple message like this one, to complex virtual exchanges that may include hundreds of people at a time. As our business expands, you will be hearing from us regularly.

It is important, however, to understand that at Puget Technologies, Inc. ("Puget"), we are trying to build something unique. Like a well-designed structure, the foundation has to be in place in order for the building to be strong and to endure. We do things in a very specific and deliberate way. In that regard, we have been telling you what we intend to do. Furthermore, we have been doing it. We keep our word and, when we make mistakes, we will own them and move forward. That is the way this business will be run, one step at a time, conscious of the multiplicity of factors that need to be incorporated into each step. Our next step will be our upcoming Audit. In the process of taking these steps together, you will have a roadmap—our 8K’s. My suggestion to you is that you read them carefully.

Our goal is to build a serious business, one step at a time. Yes, our aspirations are high. Those who have been following us over the last few months know what we mean by “Patience rewards those who know the difference between aspirations and performance.” Knowing this difference is what separates good leaders from the crowd.


Hermann Burckhardt

President & Chief Executive Officer

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