New Hands at the Helm: Puget Has a New CEO!

Puget has some incredible news to post today: we have a new CEO! Karen Fordham, an accomplished executive in the healthcare industry, has come on board as President and Chief Executive Officer. Hermann Burckhardt, who has served as CEO since 2015, will continue serving on the Board of Directors as needed. During the past six years, Mr. Burckhardt, together with Tom Jaspers, our CFO, has transformed Puget into a growing company with a new vision: to help companies make progress on their growth journey. We can see this vision playing out in the meetings we’re having, the (proposed) acquisitions we’re working on, and in the people we’re hiring – all forces set in motion through Mr. Burckhardt’s hard work. But now, it is time for a new era to begin.

Ms. Fordham has more than 20 years of experience as an executive in the healthcare industry. Of particular interest to Puget is her experience managing the behavioral health divisions in large hospital settings, expertise which will be beneficial to us as we acquire, integrate, and build companies in that sector, such as the previously announced proposed acquisition of Behavioral Centers of South Florida LLC (“BCSF”). Good luck, Ms. Fordham, and welcome aboard! To learn more, see today's press release.

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