The Puget Technologies team is a group of accomplished professionals with decades of experience in their fields, bringing unbeatable functional and industry expertise to every investment and project.
Hermann Burckhardt
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Burckhardt, a seasoned investment banker, has worked for some of the nation's premier investment banks as well as for his own broker/dealer as a Syndicate Manager/Member in multimillion dollar transactions. He has also trained over 10,000 stockbrokers for many of Wall Streets’ premier investment banks through his training company, Securities Training Institute. Over the last few years, Mr. Burckhardt has been instrumental in several transactions, some of which were the result of reverse mergers for which he was appointed Chairman and CEO, such as Invicta Corporation (IVIA) and Nexgen Vision Inc. (NXGV). Through Mr. Burckhardt's efforts, Nexgen Vision (NXGV) raised a substantial amount of capital through Jesup and Lamont in New York City, one of Wall Street's oldest investment banking firms.

Thomas Jaspers
Chief Financial Officer

Since earning his accounting degree from The Ohio State University, Tom has been in the accounting field in varied positions. Initially, Tom worked for Haskins and Sells CPAs (now Deloitte), one of the old Big 8 accounting firms. Tom subsequently entered into the oil and gas business where he was a natural resource development driller, transporter, and working interest owner of oil and gas properties in the Appalachian Basin. In addition to his ownership interests in the oil and gas business, Tom has held positions as a consultant, CFO, Auditor, and Tax Planner to a number of private and public entities including Puget Technologies.

David E. Burnett
Advisory Board Member

David E. Burnett, a resident of Michigan, is a founding member of Seven Innovators Corporation, Inc., a South Dakota corporation founded by seven individuals involved in the invention development and marketing of innovative technologies. Mr. Burnett has held founding and executive positions in technology, manufacturing and retail companies, and has worked in advertising, communications, and marketing research. He is co-founder, president and chief executive officer of nanoScience Engineering Corporation which was founded in 2005 to design, manufacture and market nanocomposite materials produced using the supercritical fluid method of processing. Its nanoSEC technology uses supercritical carbon dioxide to exfoliate and disperse organo clays into polymer matrix, enhancing mechanical and barrier properties to improve performance of existing plastic and rubber products. Mr. Burnett co-founded and served as president of Prizmalite Industries, Inc., a developer of glass micro bead technology used in the coatings, textiles, plastics and friction materials industries, and co-founded TIOXOCLEAN, Inc., a developer of titanium dioxide based photo catalytic cleaners. In addition, Mr. Burnett holds patents for the use of micro spheres of barium titanate glass in conventional friction compositions for molding automotive and other brake and clutch elements and for compositions where glass micro beads and crumb rubber are combined for superior binding and optical properties in paints, plastics and other similar compounds. Mr. Burnett has more than 30 years executive level experience in launching and managing industrial and consumer brands, including as president and owner of Burnett and Radano, Inc., a New York based advertising and public relations firm whose clients have included Izod/David Crystal, Standard Industries, Summit Laboratories and BMW Motorcycle. His corporate experience includes serving as director of sales and operations of Cresco Corporation and Arbee Fine Foods. His communications experience includes management of radio stations in New York, Atlanta, and Norfolk. David was also general manager/director of sales at the New York Amsterdam News, the nation’s leading minority newspaper. Mr. Burnett is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, served on the board of directors of Detroit based Ecumenical Theological Seminary and as a member of the Board of Visitors, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Wayne State University.


Summary of patents held or applied for: 6,579,920 friction pads and disks and compositions and methods for producing same; 20030018118 (application) micro bead coating composition and methods; 13,834,992 modular supercritical material processing system; 13,836,300 modified nano-clay materials and nanocomposites; 61,808,073 antimicrobial polymer coating formulations; applied: sensors to detect endotoxins for application in medical devices; applied: fuel containers for compressed natural gas; applied: solvent free processing using supercritical CO2 as solvent.

Andrew Spencer
Advisory Board Member

Andrew Spencer, a resident of Connecticut, is a founding member of Seven Innovators’ Corporation, Inc., a South Dakota corporation founded by seven individuals involved in the invention, development, and marketing of innovative technologies. He has several patents to his credit, including one that is commercially marketed by DuPont. In 2012, he founded Respect American Glass Inc., involved in the development of lighter, stronger, and thinner glass. In February 2000, Mr. Spencer was featured on the cover of Paint & Coatings Industry magazine for developing a particle color system that works without color pigments, impacting the manner in which new cars are painted. In 2000, he founded Respect Innovations, Inc., a research and development company credited with creating new coating technologies for the paint and coatings industry. In 1985, he co-founded Flame-Tek LLC, a manufacturer of flame retardant, heat resistant, and specialty coatings for applications with leading aerospace companies. In September of 1997, he cofounded Prizmalite Industries, Inc., a developers of glass micro bead technology used in the coatings, textiles, plastics, and friction materials industries.


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